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Death of the Two Party System?

Ohio Governor John Kasich has warned Americans that the traditional two-party system is about to become extinct.

“I don’t think either party is answering people’s deepest concerns and needs,” Kasich told reporters. “We may be beginning to see the end of a two-party system. I’m starting to really wonder if we are going to see a multiparty system at some point in the future in this country”

ABC News reports: He added, “I don’t think it’s going to happen tomorrow, but I think over time, do not be surprised if these millennials and these Gen Xers begin to say, ‘Neither party works, we want something new.’”

Kasich ran for the GOP nomination for president in 2016 and after losing the primary to Donald Trump withheld his endorsement from the Republican nominee in the general election against Democrat Hillary Clinton. He said in a recent book that he could not “set aside everything I believed for the good of the party.”

Asked by Karl on “This Week” if other Republicans may be putting aside their beliefs to support Trump, Kasich turned to criticizing the Democratic Party for having “no agenda.”

“You know, people want me to criticize my party. Let me tell you about the Democrats. I have no clue what they stand for,” Kasich said. “And we are heading into a midterm election where they are counting on the Republicans bouncing the basketball off of their foot and out of bounds … But how can you have a national political party that has no agenda? Just no agenda.”

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado, who was interviewed along with Kasich, said, “Right now, both parties don’t seem capable of having a coherent agenda.”

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