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I pride myself on being very objective and I really don’t appreciate people accusing me of having some sort of bias or influence from some external party. For most of my life I have stood for positions that have sometimes made people dislike me. I have forgone the immediate – Pavlovian reward most live by and actually tried to actually think for myself and discover the truth (a quality all to often lacking in the post truth age). Things presented to you by the establishment – be it most schools or media lack truth intentionally.

Often I have felt very scared to join the majority perspective because I felt it was going to kill off my ability to think intelligently. Indeed when you join the majority perspective and CONFORM this is often what occurs to people. Mainstream platforms prevent intelligent discussion and get caught up in echo chambers.

I have certain interests like liberty, freedom of thought, rule of law, technological advancement but I am not bound to certain ideologies like the typical ignorant person claims they are democrat or republican or whatever.

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