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The Case for an “Idea Meritocracy”

Like Ray Dalio has fostered in his record breaking Hedge Fund, the optimal environment for innovation and development is one where everyone can challenge anyone regardless of their organizational stature. When people get too affected by hierarchy, it leads people to believe that they are superior and don’t have to put in the same effort or thought. This creates an imbalance in the organization. Often when people are in the power position or wearing the crown they lose track of their senses and act irrationally.

All people usually have some degree of good information and advice but often it is filled with ideas that aren’t completely polished. This is why it is necessary for a community of people to have an ecosystem where all members can share their ideas — even if those ideas challenge the narrative set by the superior. People need to be able to communicate their beliefs with each other in assembled way and feel that all their input has been taken into consideration. That creates a synergistic vested interest in the wellbeing of the project. Meritocracies are not a Utopian fantasy, they are very real thing.

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