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The Second Amendment is Under Attack in Seattle

Apparently police have a “right” to confiscate firearms from anyone if “he poses a significant danger to himself or others.” – so I guess it doesn’t include women according to state Red Flag laws.

Just get some fascist Nazi psychiatrist to deem someone a threat — to fascism and you can break constitutional law altogether. Actually it is a serious threat when people are disarmed and the government has a complete monopoly on force. Anytime someone has a monopoly on anything that presents a lot of issues and most especially involving self defense.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) and Suicide

This is blatantly unconstitutional and the only reason it could pass is that certain state governments have decided to stop using and applying the constitution and enact illegal laws. At this point, certain states might as well come out and admit that they no longer care for the constitution. Will the Supreme court hold them accountable — probably not.

It’s Happening: Authorities Begin Stripping Citizens of Guns Following ‘Red Flag’ Law

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