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Why You Should be So Negative

Recently someone told me that I shouldn’t be so negative. 

Here is my take on why people in fact SHOULD be negative. Why negativity can indicate an urge to improve things for the better. Boredom and anger when things are going “well” might just indicate that you are a very ambitious person. It doesn’t mean that you are some pessimistic grouch.

When people find themselves getting bored or frustrated often they blame themselves. Obviously it has to be your fault that you can’t control yourself. This really might not be the case after all.

There are two types of negativity like criticism: constructive and malicious

Constructive negativity stems from the irritation of not having something that could be better. A hatred not of others but rather how things are falling short from your ideal. A  coach that sees their best player under performing might get very frustrated because they understand the amount of potential being wasted.  The right amount of negativity breeds an ecosystem of pushing the boundaries, of making new discoveries while the wrong type leads to useless bad energy.

We forget that the enemy of complacency is often anger and frustration. As has been pointed out by many people, war and major disasters often spark major technological innovation because of the perceived need for something better and the anger of not having that next thing.

Alternatively, we use of negativity as a way of warding off people we don’t like. We insult and scowl at people or things we dislike. We bear our teeth at enemies. This malicious, defensive form of negativity is often confused with constructive negativity.

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