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When is “Cultural Appropriation” Ok?

This generation has become a lot more whiny and emotional about really pointless things and this has led to a greater concern over acts of so called cultural appropriation among other problems. Such acts could as easily be called sharing in many situations. This growing group of people are usually referred to as millennials or the snowflake generation. We want to avoid the Yale snowflake attacks of 2016

When considering if something is cultural appropriation you need to first ask yourself what culture is in the first place.

Google defines it as:

the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Culture surely cannot be limited to clothes and a certain tone of voice. If a national culture can be expressed by wearing a certain style of clothing, this culture being expressed is a very weak one. Culture resides in the history, principles and moral code of a group of people. Most of the cultural issues we face in society (In the US at least) are issues of bad culture, not cultural appropriation or cultural mockery. If people had better culture, they wouldn’t get so angry over someone wearing this or that article of clothing.

This being said in some cases you get cultural mockery where someone is intentionally making fun of another culture. Minstrel shows of the Jim Crow era were an example of intentional cultural mockery. 

There are some cases where people are trying to fit in (a bit to strongly). We can call this the wolf in sheep’s clothing cultural appropriation. This type of cultural appropriation is also not so helpful although it isn’t necessarily harmful either. It’s all about how we REACT to these instances that defines our real culture.

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