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Woman Accuses Andy Rubin of Sexual Assault

In recent headlines, googlers around the world have organized walkouts to protest Google’s decision to give Andy Rubin, the father of Android, a 90 million dollar exit package after being accused of sexual assault.

His story is very reminiscent of the whole Kavanaugh event in that the evidence backing his accusation is very weak. There is a lot of shock value when you accuse someone of something so  gross as sexual assault and you can take advantage of the aggregate anger without presenting serious evidence of the experience. 

Like anyone else, I wasn’t clear about whether this accusation was credible despite all the banter about it and finally came to the conclusion that this is yet another false sexual charge like the one made against Kavanaugh. In another rather strange similar occurrence, CNN accused Morgan Freeman of sexual assault. On Twitter, Andy had this to say:

There wouldn’t seem like there is any corroborating evidence that Andy Rubin committed this act. If you are prosecuting a crime or doing any form of investigation, the backbone of any well done investigation is making sure that there are multiple points of information. This is known as corroborating evidence and it prevents people from making fraudulent claims. No corroborating evidence seems to be present in this case nor did it seem to be present in Kavanaugh’s case. In Kavanaugh’s case the corroborating evidence even spoke to the contrary of credibility of the claims made by Christine Blasey Ford.

On another angle, the way people have reacted is not in a way that leads towards achieving their goals. Protesting is never the right way of solving most problems. When we are children we have temper tantrums with the goal of obtaining something from our parents. It is hoped that we grow out of this behavior as we get older and mature. People are willing to put a lot of energy into attending “protests” and giant complaint sessions but not so willing to put in the work and actually do things that will result in less sexual harassment and assault, whether that is penalizing perpetrators more strongly or improving the system of reporting incidents. In the constitution there is speech of the the right to “assemble peaceably and to petition their government.” You can be sure that the founding fathers did not have mindless protests in mind when they were thinking about peaceable assembly.

Public anger is a good first step when trying to solve a problem but real change has to follow. Firing people might remove a perpetrator from your organization but it doesn’t really solve the problem. Jailing people might get someone away from society but it also doesn’t really solve the root problem.

I remember as far back as high-school, having students attend walkouts where classes would have maybe 20% of people left. I very strongly disliked most of my classes and yet I did not once attend any of these infantile temper tantrum walkouts. There was one professor who even encouraged students to attend these walkout and go to as many protests as they could. This person lauded getting involved in more civil action and said that it was a good thing if you had an FBI file. This is the unfortunate state of our schools and peoples troubled viewpoints. You can be sure that is degradation is not on account of peoples inclination towards laziness but rather the result of many negative groups that seek to undermine peoples independence and ability to stand up and think for themselves. 

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